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Oven and cooktops

Repair of oven and cooktops

Many of us are used to cooking on stoves and ovens. But if they fail, do not be in despair. The technicians of  subzero service professional are nearby to repair your kitchen equipment right at your place.  Since you are dealing with gas equipment, all work should be entrusted to specialists working with gas equipment. This is the safety of both the user himself and his equipment.

Major breakdowns of stove, oven

In this list, our professionals include a few of the most common. 

The burner does not ignite or turns off

This is one of the most common gas stove breakdowns, and it can be triggered by the simplest clogged nozzles and food debris is to blame. But besides this, the reason may lie in a crack / violation of the insulation on the spark plug itself, as well as a breakdown in the solenoid valve plate, or a burnt thermoplastic. If the gas stove is equipped with an automatic ignition powered by the mains, check that it is connected to the mains.

During operation, the burner goes out

It is  worth observing the process of combustion of the gas mixture – the flame on the burner should completely wash the thermocouple, from all sides. If it does not, it is worth cleaning the nozzle or adjusting the supply of the gas mixture. If this does not help, you should immediately call the technician, who will replace the thermocouple.

Electric ignition does not work

In this case, many users switch to using matches. But the very reason for the breakdown is that there is no voltage in the network/ the spark generator burned out/ the contacts in the power button went off. Our tech will  fix the breakdown starting from the outlet – they check it and repair it if need be. Next, they clean the contacts, but if this does not help, he will replace the ignition unit.

Gas burns weakly

this is another common breakdown of a gas stove. If the flame of the burner burns sluggishly, not as it always does, the reason should be sought in the jet clog itself, through which the gas mixture is distributed. Here it is already worth carrying out a major cleaning of the system itself. But the height of gas combustion is determined by the amount of fuel supplied, as well as the admission of air to the burner. In this case, it is important to adjust the air damper, as well as cleaning the nozzle.

The gas supply valve is difficult to turn 

Often this is the accumulation of a layer of fat on the rotary mechanisms, and here it is already easy to solve the problem – everything should be washed and then lubricated with a layer of oil. To a lesser extent, the problem is due to the absence or shortage of lubrication inside the tap itself – a non-working tap should be disassembled and a layer of graphite grease applied. The main thing is not to overdo it with lubrication, as its residues can eventually clog the turn of the crane.

Oven – does not light up, does not turn on

If it is equipped with automatic ignition, the oven can not ignite because it is not connected to the mains. Or there may be another reason – the spark strikes to the side, not to the burner. Only a professional can fix such a problem, you should not try to fix it on your own – entrust all the work to a specialist.

We service all kinds of ovens including:

Range ovens
Electric ovens
Gas ovens
Wall ovens
Steam convection ovens

There is a smell of gas

This is the most dangerous problem, indicating a gas mixture leak – if you do not close it in a timely manner, do not eliminate the leak, this can threaten poisoning and explosion. The smell of gas as a sign indicates that the stove needs operational maintenance. Before the technician arrives, it is worth turning off the gas supply and opening the window. Only after that call a gas equipment repair specialist.

A poor-quality tile connection can provoke a leak of the gas mixture, so the worker will check all the joints, and subsequently eliminate them. The main thing in this case is to entrust all the work only to professionals.

The burner switches off when the knob is released

 And modern stoves suffer from poor-quality work of the gas-control system. The thermal electromagnetic valve often fails. Our professional advice: you should not repair it on your own, entrust it to specialists. The technician will replace the broken valve on the spot – it takes a little time and such repairs are not expensive. This is important, since the gas-control system acts as a guarantor of the user’s safety.

These are the main, but not the only breakdowns of gas stoves that can happen to them. And so that all work is carried out in accordance with the standards of the gas equipment manufacturer, and the user receives a guarantee for repairs, entrust them to our professionals. 

If you have problems with the gas stove – contact us.